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John Michael Gray's solo piano holiday album features original arrangements of 13 traditional Christmas songs. A letter from a listener says "Johnny's 4th Christmas is a must for setting the mood on Christmas morning as well as throughout the holiday season."

A music fan from Indianapolis, Indiana........ "I had the unexpected joy of hearing John Michael Gray live. I was taken by the lyrical complexity he accomplished with a solo piano. "Johnny's 4th Christmas" was on my CD player throughout the season and will be a regular part of my future Christmas seasons as well. Having listened to George Winston, Liz Story and other solo pianists, it was very pleasing to find an artist who brought new and fresh interpretations to the music and the instrument. I look forward to enjoying his other albums."

Outstanding Feedback......"As CEO of a national direct response marketing company I have seen my company recognized for many successes! However, one of our biggest successes is the recognition we receive each day from numerous consumers who listen to John Michael Gray while on-hold with our customer service centers. Yes, each day thousands of people listen to Mr. Gray's music while waiting to sign up for world-class products such as SPRINT, Sears, Amana, Murray, Wells Fargo Bank and many more! His music has proven to put our customers in a positive mood. I love it! This music made the Christmas madness season more pleasant! Thanks!"

Beautiful Music......"John Michael Gray's music is beautiful, inspirational and a must have for everyone's musical collection."

Absolute Joy......."John Michael Gray's Christmas album is an absolute joy to listen to. He has taken traditional Christmas songs and through his own interpretation has made them more pleasurable to listen to. During the rush and stress of the Christmas season this CD is a great stress reliever."

Very comforting! Nice job! Want more!!........."Your music is truely relaxing and quite smooth. Thanks!"