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John Michael Gray debuted in 1996 with his first original solo piano album titled "Pure Passion". The theme is romantic and was inspired by the cover photo of his parents on their Wedding Day in 1955. "Pure Passion" is very soft and warm and provides a tender atmosphere.

A music fan from Seattle, Washington........ "John Michael Gray's music is outstanding and all of his albums are fantastic. I thoroughly enjoy listening to them."

Pure Passion reminds one of all of the stages of love......"I have recently rediscovered the piano stylings of John Michael Gray. Of all his fine works, my personal favorite is "Pure Passion." This album delicately leads the listener through the stages of love and courtship in a clear, understated way. The clarity of the sound and the depth of the emotion take the listener to that pleasant place where lust turns to love and passion to life-long commitment. The sound is straight-forward; the songs are original and energetic. And, the sound is simply wonderful. Everyone will enjoy."

I like how he writes his own songs and he plays them so well......."He is very talented and he plays his music always with a story behind it so it isn't so boring."

Can't get enough! great stuff!......"I caught your other album by chance and had to see what else you had. This is what you call "feel good" music! Nice!"